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iTunes is the leading application for managing your music library not only if you have iPhone, iPad or any other idevice. It enables you to airplay music to your air-play enabled music centers around your home and much much more. You can also download and watch your favorite movies, listen to your favorite artists and even view your vacation photos with it. Simply click DOWNLOAD NOW and get iTunes for Free & as a Bonus, receive $200 Gift Card

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What started out as a basic jukebox program for ripping and burning CDs and transferring music to your iPod has evolved over the years into a multimedia behemoth capable of handling everything from HD-movie rentals to syncing appointments with your iOS device. In spite of all the bells and whistles that have been tacked on to iTunes over the years, at its core, iTunes still remains an excellent tool for managing your music and video collections.
Prior to iTunes, no single software application provided all these features through a unified interface, which is so classy and functional, that nothing beats it. As the iTunes application is connected online to the Apple Store, it receives automatic software updates and new versions notifications. And the value added services it provides add a lot to the fun.